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Green Yapim is a production company based in Istanbul providing content for the domestic and international markets. Our team is extremely dedicated and has extensive experience and knowhow with which we are developing and producing high quality series, feature films and digital content.


We have produced over 500 episodes of tv series for the National Tv’s in Turkey, 150 Tv movies and several feature films and digital content for ‘Pokito Tv’, our Youtube channel established in April 2016.  Our ongoing daily stripped series ‘Elif’ is gaining international ratings success in all of the territories that it is being broadcast.


We also provide line production services for foreign companies wanting to shoot in Turkey.  Our services include full television and film, commercial and documentary production, location scouting and shooting permits, casting and budgeting.  We ensure that the filmmakers are able to complete their projects within the budget and the time frame requirements.


We have provided line production services for Italian International Film for the series ‘Il Sistema’ broadcast on Rai Uno in April 2016.


Besides production we also provide consulting services.  Consulting was given to HULU for their research of the Turkish IPTV and television market.  We have also provided content acquisitions consulting for Turkcell Tv ( One of Turkey’s leading mobile and web tv platforms)
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